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What is Green Washing?

Not until recently did I honestly know the term "green washing".

The definition of green washing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly.

Heres a fun fact: Did you know that 95% of products that actually state they are green are green washed products.

Trust me I get it- with fancy labels featuring words like organic, all–natural, chemical–free, non–toxic, and eco–friendly, they all sound like suitable earth-saving, pollutant-fighting options, right? Wrong.

When I started researching - I went down a rabbit hole and I couldn't get out until I found out more & more. Even now I'm constantly learning more, and constantly researching it truly never ends. As a mom, I want what's best for our children and of course what parents don't want what's best? I was using products on our children that stated they were organic and they were safe, but in all reality they were absolutely terrible for us , let alone our children who are still developing and growing.

When we have clients reach out to us and ask us "what products do you use? They ask me about certain products that they want that are non-toxic and to see if we provide those products during our cleanings and , I have to let them know the truth that they aren't non-toxic at all! They are mind blown and don't understand why certain companies make the claims that they do.

Next time you are in the grocery store, or wherever you buy local cleaning products make sure to research it, and make sure the claims they are making are actually correct because I can guarantee what they say is green is by far the completely opposite.

Best, Elianna Gilenson

Simply Green Clean

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