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I know as a mom of three and a business owner how hard it is to keep up with those daily and weekly tasks. We have basketball two days a week, competitive gymnastics, and all the other things that fall into play that week. I know as a business owner and a homeschool mom life can get overwhelming. I have a few tips and tricks that have definitely helped me so much during the week to help with the workload.

One of the biggest tips is laundry. Okay so I get it as a mom of 5 laundry truly seems to never have an end in sight am I right? In order to help with the load literally pick a couple days a week that you can break the laundry up instead of it being a bunch at once. For us and our family we have decided on Mondays we do the girls clothes, on Wednesday its our clothes, Friday its sheets and towels, and Sunday we finish whatever laundry is left to start the new week.

Second biggest task for us is the dishes. I have learned over time that when I do dishes daily, even if its a couple dishes I run the dishwasher on a much shorter cycle and I empty it every morning. This has helped so much with multiple kids and multiple cups, I mean my kids need 5 cups per drink daily.

Lastly section each area of the house to do a daily task. Ex: Monday do the floors, Tuesday toilets and countertops. Wednesday, bedrooms so on and so on. If you pick a task daily it will alleviate the work load at the end of the week.

Best, Elianna Gilenson

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